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Therapist & Psychotherapist NYC, Kim Seelbrede is a licensed psychotherapist, EMDR Therapist and Relationship Expert in New York City, psychological counseling, CBT & DBT Therapy, Mindfulness, EMDR Therapy, Couples Therapy, Relationship Expert Advice, Panic Disorder Specialist, Clinical Supervision, Private Practice Building Consultations, Stress Expert. Kim Seelbrede is a New York City anxiety therapist, depression therapist, addictions specialist, eating disorders expert, self-esteem psychotherapist, relationship intensive marathon sessions, coaching, executive coaching, in Manhattan, New York City, Connecticut, Westchester, South Hampton, East Hampton, Sag Harbor. In her blog Life Fix Rx she provides expert advice, wisdom, psychological help, blog for mental health, stress, self-care, meditation, mindfulness, girl & female empowerment, beauty advice, anti-aging, hormone and health support, mood and anxiety help, lifestyle problems, gay and lesbian issues, power of intention, positivity, positive psychology, education, rehab resources, recovery support for individuals and families, abuse victims, neurobiology news, coping skills for self-harm and substance abuse, food as medicine, nutrition coaching, sexuality concerns, sex expert, sexuality, sex therapy, menopause, PMS, postpartum depression referrals.

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Kim Seelbrede views many mental health issues such as addictions and eating disorders as symptoms that hold meaning, as such, can be understood and healed when the root of the problem is addressed. As an integrative therapist, she understands the importance of integrating important behavioral interventions into the treatment to further support healing. Individuals enter therapy for a variety of reasons, including the desire to find meaning and purpose in their lives and a search for a deeper connection to self and others. Kim is sensitive, open and respectful of individuals who seek answers to spiritual concerns, which she feels may be the root of much suffering today. To help address developmental and other sources of trauma, Kim Seelbrede is a level II EMDRIA-trained EMDR therapist (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing). EMDR therapy can successfully be used for trauma, attachment deficits, accidents, abuse, losses, anxiety, blocked energy, negative beliefs, physical symptoms, irrational emotions, phobias, addictions, compulsions, performance blocks and painful memories. She uses this modality to unlock the wisdom and innate healing capacity of the mind and body that has been blocked and can be unblocked. Kim Seelbrede is a mind-body practitioner and registered yoga therapist (RYT 200, 500). Consultation sessions are an opportunity to obtain helpful information and education for clients and their families. She is delighted to share her resources and make traditional and complementary/alternative referrals to allied professionals such as therapists, psychologists, internists, psychopharmacologists or psychiatrists.

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As a New York State licensed Psychotherapist & Consultant working with individuals in a variety of professional, entrepreneurial and executive positions including entertainment, performance and wellness, Kim Seelbrede strives to help her clients create work and life balance, manage stress and difficult decisions, enjoy healthier relationships and find clarity of purpose in their lives. Many of the people with whom she works are intelligent, creative and accomplished, but struggle with relationships, anxiety, self-doubt, eating disorders, addictions, depression and emptiness, and feel that they could benefit from self-inquiry and support.  Kim has multiple areas of specialization including work with mental health professionals, professional supervision, physicians, college students, artists, creatives, celebrities, talented and gifted individuals, parents and couples. An additional focus and area of expertise is helping clients who struggle with symptoms related to developmental trauma, attachment difficulties and PTSD. She has had great success using EMDR and other somatic therapies for symptom relief and trauma resolution. Additionally, she enjoys incorporating various modalities into her private practice, including relaxation and breathing techniques, guided imagery and yoga philosophy along with traditional treatment approaches such as psychodynamic and interpersonal psychotherapy, solution-focused therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy or CBT, DBT therapy skills, Mindfulness and EMDR therapy. As a clinician with an integrative and holistic philosophy, she believes that sound emotional well-being is strongly influenced by healthy relationships, nutrition, exercise, sleep, creative outlets, thought patterns, self-care, spirituality and a healthy balance of work and play. 

Kim Seelbrede enjoys blogging and providing relevant and helpful emotional, physical and mental health information in an effort to reach those who might not otherwise have access to psychological help, counseling or therapy. As a registered yoga therapist RYT 200 + 500 level, she enjoys writing about all things yoga, meditation and mindfulness related. 

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